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Success Stories

A major part of what we do here is to help progress young players and aid them on their different pathways as they develop in the game. We are very proud to have played a role in helping various young players move forward in the game, and here is a few examples who have done this whilst being in our Academy programme.

Leo De Zordo & Ethan Paton-King

Two young players we are very proud of are Leo De Zordo and Ethan Paton-King. They are both technically very good players, able to protect the ball and get out of tight situations. We helped both players develop with us at our Ascot Academy sessions on Tuesday evenings. During some fixtures at Reading FC the boys impressed enough to earn trials at the club and are still in the Pre Academy system with Reading now. Both U8s they will be looking to keep doing well and earn full Academy contracts next year at the club. Well done boys!


Ollie is another fantastic player we have loved working with and who has a great appetite for the game. He was with our Academy for nearly 2 years, and is another player who is now training with Southampton FC as he looks to make the next steps in his development. Ollie would always listen to the coaching staff and alongside all the practice he does this is a key ingredient to him getting better and better in the future! 

Louis Mailey

Louis started developing alongside our coaches at the young age of 5 and has made massive strides in his football. He absolutely loves playing as much as he can, and we were delighted and very proud when he got spotted by Southampton FC playing in a tournament for our U6 side. His love for the game means he is always practicing and he now has moved on from our Academy to train with Southampton every week. We are excited to see how where he goes from here and hopefully he is a young star in the making!


Our most recent success story is Zack who has joined Woking FC on a permanent basis after successfully trialing at the club. Zack first started working with us as a very young player in one of our schools, before joining our Academy and progressing within our system.
Zack is now moving into U11 and is has been a pleasure to see him grow into a very good player, who is technically comfortable on the ball, whilst using his 
physical attributes to win duals with opponents. We are looking forward to hearing how he progresses now at a professional club!

Pro trials

Alongside the players mentioned here we have been pleased to arrange numerous more trials for players at professional clubs. We have had 3 boys in with Reading FC, 2 with Aldershot Town FC, 1 GK sign for Wycombe and one player currently with QPR. With the standards at these clubs being so high, naturally is doesn't work out for all our players. But the guidance and help we offer hopefully inspires the current crop of players to follow in these guys footsteps!

George Williams

George joined us as a 6 year old and sourced very hard on his game, showing a great attitude at all times.

Callum Mchale

Callum is another Core member we are extremely proud of and who is now playing and studying in the U.S for Wilmington Athletics. A very good player who was on the books at Chelsea, Callum needed some guidance in the next steps of his career, and we were very happy to assist him for over a year as he worked hard as a coach and player in our system. At Core we are well aware not all players will make it to the profession game, but Callum is a prime example of developing on and off the pitch. Now he is working hard on and off the pitch in America, we are certain he is destined for big things.